construction toys like Cardtivity teach logic, develop spatial relationships, And encourage planning and organization of both thoughts and actions

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Parents, it's time to turn off the TV
and get your kids' imagination moving!!
Watch our Construction Toys build your child's confidence
as they "cardstruct" our easy to assemble
cool kids' toys that entertain for hours!

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Cardtivity is the perfect building  toy; nothing hard or sharp, limitless building  possibilities, and it breaks down to an extremely  compact size
200+ Cards
Watch Ben Build!
100+ Cards
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Cardtivity is a child educational toy that increases your child's attention span and level of concentration
300+ Cards

Construction toys for children have been around for years.
What is so special about Cardtivity building toys?

Cardtivity builds simple because of its patented "one card" design. Most of the major brand construction gifts for kids, ages 7+, have brilliant model play sets but the number of different sized pieces and their gazillion page instruction booklets can be mind boggling to figure out. We make it simple with our "one card" building toy design and step by step model instructions. (Click to view the Watch Ben Build video demo)

Actual size cards are 3 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches
All the cards in our cool kids  toys have astounding graphic designs

How the building toy plastic cards (not paper model cards) connect:
Each one of our instructional models make great birthday gift ideas

Example of the "ShipVenture" Building Toy Step by Step Model Instructions:
Each building toy includes the 7 basic building  techniques and model instructions

Our construction toys come with easy to follow, kid-toy tested, step by step model instructions along with durable plastic cards (again these are not paper model cards that tear) which can be re-used over and over again for creative toy building.

Sheila recently wrote us how our creative construction toys are improving her son's attention span and focus!!
Wow!! I can't remember the last time my son spent 2 hours on his own doing anything besides watching TV or playing videogames. My neighbor recommended your creative boy's toys site because she knows my son has trouble focusing and a very short attention span. I sat with him and did the building toys' Basic Techniques and after that he was off in Cardtivity heaven. A thousand thanks for these cool kids toys!

- Sheila W., Tucson, AZ

Bob's son loves the creative graphics and the easy to use Tab/Slot building toy system. It was his favorite birthday gift!
Finally!! Construction toys where my kid understands the instructions. The building toy's Tab/Slot system is so simple, so much fun to build and the ShipVenture graphics are awesome. My kid's favorite birthday gift this year. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for these awesomely creative child educational toys!!!

- Bob T., Braintree, MA

We almost never discount toys but Sandra caught us at the right time and fell in love with our current customer appreciation offer.
I never write to anybody but I have to tell you we look for discount toys for birthday gift ideas, kids' gifts, and Christmas gifts all the time on the web. Love digging for deals!! Compared to other discount toys online your Mega Combo Building Toys out-did them all!! My kids and nephews are going to flip for this!

- Sandra P., Freehold, NJ

We are always amazed at the creative expression that comes out of these kids when they build with our construction toys.
I started following the X-Cycle instructions but it ended up as some kind of moon car. Every day I change it into something different. You guys rock!! Are you guys coming out with any new cool kid's building toys?

- Daniel P age 10, Elkton, MD

From: The Creators

Steve Beckman invented Cardtivity the construction learning toys that build big!
Steve Beckman
a.k.a. Story Bookman


Jamie Greenberg company ImagineIF markets creative toys.
Jamie Greenberg
a.k.a. The Imaginologist

Dear Fellow Parents and Kids,

"Mom I'm bored, what can I do?" We have all heard this as parents and the last thing we want to do is give in to their TV and video game demands to sooth their boredom.

Steve Beckman, a.k.a. Story Bookman the Inventurer, came to me, Jamie Greenberg, marketing/product development professional, expert in turning imagination into business (I've put together business deals with McDonalds, Pez, Maurice Sendaks's Little Bear and Nickelodeon's Franklin the Turtle) with a simple construction toy idea that was having amazing results helping his child with his attention deficit disorder challenges.

Not only was I taken with the building toys marvelous simplicity but more importantly how proud Steve was that he had invented something that was having such a positive impact on his son! If you haven't seen it yet, watch Steve's son Ben build in the video. He's a Cardtivity Wizard!!

Ben has now become very focused on building toys systematically with the Cardtivity instructions as well as doing his own imagination toy building. This is a kid who had challenges following instructions in school. Once Ben saw the results that came from focusing one's attention on a task, it began spilling over into his homework and as crazy as it sounds, listening in school!

To our surprise what started out as creative boy's toys also became child educational learning toys also

  On that note, a message from "Cardy" just in case you missed it earlier,

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Hi, Cardy Here!
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We have gotten so many references from people like Lydia looking for child educational toys with real play value.
You have no idea how successful you have made my Christmas gift giving this year. I was searching for 3-D puzzles when I came across your unique construction toys. I have told other families in the internet parenting community looking for boys toys about your website who like me, are looking for creative kids toys with play value that can captivate children and get them away from the TV. Bravo!!!

- Lydia Z. Shelby, TN

This was a first! Dan and his friends made costumes for Halloween out of our building toys. I wish they had sent us pictures of this amazing craft project they so imaginatively built from our construction toys.
We made Halloween costumes out of the cards from all our Cardtivity building toys. All the people opening their doors said we had the best costumes. They were pretty weird and scary.

- Lucas S., Age 9, Norway, ME

All This from Construction, 3-D Puzzle-like Kids' Toys?
We are not claiming this will solve all of your child's attention problems but from our testing we have seen our creative building toys begin to help kids focus on a task and improve their attention spans-especially when the parent and the child build the toy together.

We owe our success to all you parents, teachers, and kids for
buying our creative toys and gift products.

We have been developing such a good relationship with the teaching community because our child educational toys are fun. Over and over we get told from teachers about the spirit of cooperation that develops from building with our cool kids toys.
We must have over 2,000 building toy cards in our classroom. The other 1st grade teacher and I bought four Mega Combo sets for both our classrooms. You can see by the pictures the kids sent of their incredible creations, the tremendous effect your building toy has had on students. We are even using them for some math problem solving. The best part about the Cardtivity building toys is the spirit of cooperation they develop from building these creative toys with each other.

- Jennifer V. Round Rock, TX

We can't figure out if Cardtivity is a construction toy, a child educational learning toy, a craft activity, 3-D puzzle or a creative hobby toy. What we have figured out is that our cool constructions toys are a great family activity.
Steve and Jamie, I just had to share this with you guys. Originally I bought the Mega Combo Set as a birthday gift for my son's 9th birthday. I never imagined it would become a favorite family activity. My 12 year old daughter and my wife are puzzle nuts and they just love building wild free form structures. Some of the things they've built could go into a museum. Love your kid's toys. Will send pix soon.

- Ross G. New York City, New York

We know for a fact that boys and girls get a great sense of accomplishment when they finish one of our construction toys!
My son just took his Alienator apart which was very hard for him to do because he just loved showing it off to everyone who came into the house. Everyone comments how beautiful the art graphics are on these building toys. Now he can't stop talking about the things he is planning and the creative toys he wants to make. I want to thank you for these great boys' toys that have played a big part in growing his self esteem. He is really good at this!!

- Savannah K. Voorhees, NJ

We get so many Cardtivity holiday and birthday gift requests but what really surprised us were the countless inquiries we get for Cardtivity themed birthday building toy parties.
My son is a genius! We have done everything possible you can think of for his birthday parties. He said, "Mom lets do a Cardtivity birthday party right here in the house." We went online and ordered a two Mega Combo Building Toys and I will tell you I have never seen a bunch of ten year olds so occupied, having so much fun with a bunch of child educational toys. They were building toys and playing for 2 hrs straight. You should have seen the castle. Just an amazing creative toy!! Great gifts for kids!!

- Sandra H. Lake In the Hills, IL

Making boys' toys that so many people enjoy is very gratifying.

Occasionally Steve and I will discount toys we overstock but for a while now, both Steve and myself wanted to come up with an "out of this world" new product, at a real value to show our appreciation for the way you have supported our creative construction toy business.

Well, we think we did it... We took all the cards and step by step model instructions from our most popular models which you can order below...

Click to Enlarge
Any child over the age of seven will enjoy our X-Cycle model
200+ Cards

100+ Cards
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Our gifts for children are child educationall toys that increases your child's attention span and level of concentration
300+ Cards

And decided to put this collection of building toys into one
BIG combination set; an enormous value when
compared to other discount toys.

We figured, if you bought all our kids' toys as individual sets you would end up paying $89.99. But because of all the money we save on packaging, labor and the additional sales we'll get from such a great value with everything inside one mega gift kids box...

We can sell it for $49.99.

I remember Steve saying to me, "Jamie we've never had 400, even 500 cards in a set, and now we have building toys that have 600 cards; double the amount of cards we've ever put in a set!! Then he had another brainstorm......(I tell ya, ya just can't stop the imagination from flowing around here:)

Why don't we have the designers come up with a 600 card model and included it in the set with the other 3 building toys?

It was a genius idea and would put the value of this creative toy product through the roof. Based on how we priced our other child educational toys, a 600 card model alone would retail for $69.99!

Our radical, coolest of the cool, boy's toy designers got to work and completely out did themselves when they came up with this almost 4 foot tall alien-robot, absolutely looking like a he just made a trip from some far off galactic planet. We call him Alienator.

Click to Enlarge

So here it is. Da, Ta, Da, Ta, Da, Da. Our

Bonus 1
$19.99 ShipVenture
Bonus 2
$29.99 X-Cycle


Bonus 3
And our absolutely best selling building toy model
$39.99 T-Rexerator
Our gifts for children are child educationall toys that increases your child's attention span and level of concentration
Bonus 4
PLUS. the new 600 Card

A total value of $159.00 if you choose to buy them all separately but for a
very limited time the Cardtivity Mega Combo Building Toy Set is
only $49.99
(click to order now)

To have your Mega Combo Construction Toys shipped
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When you place your order for our Mega Combo Building Toy Set, you will automatically be entered into our monthly contest where we draw two lucky winners from our customer database to win


Mega Combo Construction Toys

For those of you who shop our site know we rarely discount toys.
These boys' toys are truly an exceptional offer

We can only afford to make a limited number of these Mega Combo Bonus Sets and in our humble opinion based on how brisk sales have been, if you're on the fence, we would encourage you to order sooner than later. (This is just for those of you who need a little nudge)

If you're one of our customers, you know that this is a genuine value so claim your Mega Combo Building Set Today because they're disappearing pretty quickly!

  • Our products have always sold themselves.
  • We don't do any advertising.
  • We are just telling you how it is.

Coming back later, you could very well find this offer gone because of sold out inventory. Of course, if you have any questions you can order by phone.

And of course it comes with our famous "even if your dog ate it" 100% money back guarantee. If for ANY reason you're not 100% satisfied with your Cardtivity Mega Combo Set or any of our other child educational toys just return it to us for a FULL REFUND within six months of your original purchase.

Keep Imaginating,

    Steve Beckman
The Inventurer
Jamie Greenberg
The Imaginologist

P. S. Again, we owe our success to all of you amazing parents and kids for buying and loving our construction toy products. This offer is just a way for Steve and I to say thank you for all your support. Enjoy these child educational learning toys that make up the Mega Combo Building Toy Set (order now).

P.P.S. Since we generally don't offer discount toys this is a great opportunity to stock up on some kid's gifts for birthdays and the holidays. They make great presents.

P.P.P.S Don't forget to send us your Cardtivity Creations, creative toys built from your imagination, and we might put it in our Cardtivity online gallery.

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